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Those affected by ERTES shall not be required to apply for the unemployment benefit

The SEPE will process all applications automatically, following notice from the company concerned

The workers affected by an ERTE are not required to take any steps to apply for unemployment benefits with the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

This has been announced by this organization this week, after suffering a flood of telematic applications that collapsed its website for several hours.

It will be the company itself requesting an ERTE who will apply for the benefit, collectively, on behalf of its workers. From then on, the SEPE will act ex officio to start the procedures for the benefit.


Furthermore, we would like to point out other extraordinary measures adopted by the Council of Ministers to deal with this temporary situation:

  • The deadlines for the submission of applications have been suspended and the fees are not reduced for late submissions.
  • Unemployment protection measures have been adopted for workers affected by suspensions of contract and reductions in working hours (ERTEs).

For the beneficiaries of unemployment benefits or subsidies:

  • During this period, unemployment benefits will remain in force without the need to go to the SEPE office for renewal.
  • You do not have to apply for an extension of the benefit. The payment will be maintained after six months.
  • The payment of unemployment benefits will not be interrupted by the failure to submit the Annual Income Statement (DAR in Spanish) in the case of persons receiving the benefit for workers over 52 years of age.

For workers who are unemployed for reasons other than an ERTE

Finally, it should be noted that the SEPE offices are closed to the public, but work continues there and the opening hours have been extended to Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00. More information here . For further information click on the following link: (