The ‘Sepla-Ayuda’ Foundation donates three respirators to the Puerta de Hierro Hospital.

The three complete respirator kits were delivered last Friday to the hospital management, and, will contribute to alleviate the situation in the ICUs.

April 6th, 2020

The Sepla-Ayuda Foundation has donated three respirator kits to the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda. The three Prisma VENT40 models, which can be essential in preventing ICU admission for patients admitted with Covid-19, will definitely contribute alleviate congestion in intensive care rooms. The three devices were delivered last Saturday morning by Sepla-Ayuda Foundation President, Vicente Alonso Fogué, and its Patron, Javier Fernández-Picazo.

The transportation of these devices from Germany has been the result of hard chain work. It all started when a Sepla affiliate was informed of one unit of these equipment, available to be purchased. The pilot decided to contact Sepla and the Sepla-Ayuda Foundation to coordinate its transport to Spain, which began when the Foundation verified, through the medical officers of the Community of Madrid, that the devices were valid and, furthermore, very necessary in the hospitals of the Community.

The members of Sepla-Ayuda deliver the respirators to the management of Puerta de Hierro Hospital.

The prevailing need for this equipment led the Foundation to extend the donation to the three complete kits that have been delivered, which required a prompt transfer to be able to purchase all the accessories for the respirators. Finally, the transport has been done from Germany with the collaboration of a logistics company that we must thank for having put all the necessary means so that the respirators were delivered in Madrid in just 48 hours from their acquisition.

Since Saturday morning, the respirators are already operative at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital. “Just saving a single life will have been worth it,” the members of the Foundation explained. In addition, they stressed that they’ve done simply just what anyone would have: “We all want to contribute, so we can get over this.” On their side, the hospital managers expressed their appreciation during the delivery of the respirators that will help to continue saving lives and alleviating the saturation of our healthcare system.

Contributing to the San Juan de Dios Shelter.

A few days ago, the Sepla-Ayuda Foundation also decided to collaborate with the San Juan de Dios Shelter in Madrid, which is going through a complicated situation since the State of Alarm was decreed. Since then, in addition to offering food and overnight stays, the shelter is also providing its users with a more complete menu, as well as shelter and personal hygiene for the rest of the day.

The complicated accommodation situation led Sepla-Ayuda to financially collaborate to alleviate it, so that its managing society, ‘Obra Social San Juan de Dios’, could face the new expenses that are required at this moment.