New delegates elected in the Sepla Company Council within Jet2

Jet2 pilots elected Jens Matthias Grotemeyer, Sam Derdeyn and Daniel Tari Fernandez as delegates of the Sepla Company Council within Jet2.

The previous delegates of the Company Council were transferred from their base to the UK base, which meant that they were considered non-practising members in Spain. In accordance with Sepla’s Internal Regulations, the delegates resigned, and with no replacement delegates becoming full delegates, the Company Council fell below the minimum number of delegates required by the Regulations to continue to function. As a result, the Sepla Board of Directors called for elections, which were held by means of an abbreviated procedure between 3rd and 19th August of this year.

The delegates of the Sepla Company Council within Jet2 will exercise their mandate for the remaining time of the previous Company Council (until the end of the year) and for another full mandate, as stipulated in the Regulations.

Jet2 is the British tour operator’s airline operating package tours with flights between the UK and Spain and bases in both countries. Sepla Company Council within Jet2 was created in October 2020.