The new Sepla Company Council within Canair was created

Imagen de un avión de Canair

The pilots of Canarias Airlines have unanimously ratified the creation of the new Sepla Company Council within Canair, which was created with the aim of representing the pilots of the company for the first time in its history.

The vote was carried out electronically on 18 August and as a result, Ismael Hernández García was elected as head of the new Company Council and Ricardo Jonathan Rodríguez Hernández was elected as delegate. Both will be in charge of mediating, from now on, between the pilots’ collective and the company.

Together we are stronger

The new Sepla union representatives within Canair aspire to “build bridges of dialogue with the company, avoid conflicts and continue to join forces so that Canarias Airlines consolidates itself as an indisputable reference point in the skies of the archipelago, both nationally and internationally”.

In addition, among the main objectives set for this new stage are professional recognition and the social and family reconciliation of the pilots’ collective. 

To achieve these goals, the new union delegates ask “to make an effort to unite everyone, without selfish individual motivations”, since the growth expected by the company “must go hand in hand with the social and labour growth of the pilots, which cannot be forgotten”.

Sepla’s Governing Board welcomes the new Company Council and wishes them every success in their new journey, for which they will have all the support and resources of the Union.