Sepla’s new Company Council at Evelop is constituted

The pilots of Evelop Airlines approved on the 23rd of September the constitution of the new Sepla Company Council at Evelop, which was created with two fundamental objectives: to set up a channel of communication with the company to address the issues of concern to Iberojet’s technical crews, as well as the uncertainty caused by the changes that have been taking place in recent times.

The ballot took place during an assembly held in a mixed format, both at Sepla’s headquarters in Madrid and telematically. In this way, Evelop pilots supported the list led by Luis Pacheco, the new head delegate of the union section, who will be joined by José María Olmos and David Cano-Manuel as delegates.

Dialogue: the best tool to achieve our goals.

The delegates of the new Sepla Company Council expressed their intention to work towards the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement at Evelop that would benefit the company’s technical crews and harmonise relations between pilots and the company. Likewise, they also supported dialogue as the best tool to achieve all the objectives of social and economic welfare, as well as justice and transparency.

The Governing Board would like to welcome the new Sepla Union Section at Evelop and wish it every success in its new journey, for which it will have the full support and resources of the Union. Sepla now has a total of 18 Company Councils, 17 of them in the main Spanish airlines plus the Senior Pilots Company Council.

About Sepla’s Company Councils

The Company Councils are the heart of Sepla: they negotiate and defend pilots’ labour rights in each airline. Their members are elected every four years from among the members of each airline.