Sepla wins Air Nostrum works council elections.

• The majority pilots’ union has obtained most votes in this council representing all the workers, in which it has obtained 10 out of the 17 delegates.

June, 9th, 2021

Sepla has obtained most of the representation on the Air Nostrum Company Council. The voting to elect the representatives of the council has resulted in a victory for Sepla, which has obtained more than half of the votes polled, which translates into 10 delegates out of a total of 17 delegates in this body representing the workers of this company.

This victory gives Sepla significant strength in negotiations with the company, both now and in the future. Firstly, it will allow to demand Air Nostrum the compliance of the collective bargaining agreement in the way it executes the current ERTE due to force majeure, a labour measure that was not negotiated with the unions at the time it began to be implemented. “The confidence obtained by our pilots in these elections gives us enough strength to fight for the correct application of the ERTE, both in its distribution and in its remuneration, which until now has not been in line with the requirements of our collective agreement”, said the company council.

Sepla’s company council at Air Nostrum is committed to defending the rights of pilots and working to achieve a fair distribution of the ERTE and maintain the working conditions of pilots. In addition, it will ensure that the company fully complies with the production and employment maintenance agreements that protect pilots’ jobs in the face of the various outsourcing processes undertaken by Air Nostrum in recent years.

Sepla has been representing Air Nostrum pilots before the company for more than 20 years, and has been the architect of the five existing pilots’ collective agreements to date. Air Nostrum pilots have once again placed their trust in the solvency and strength of the company council to best represent their interests at this crucial stage.