Sepla facing Coronavirus

Institutional message from Sepla’s Governing Board facing the crisis that aviation is going through, due to the Covid-19 epidemic

To all Sepla pilots,

Aviation is experiencing one of the main threats in its history, with a crisis whose scope and repercussions we still cannot measure in the medium term. It is evident that the situation changes minute by minute, and for this reason no institution or body is capable of anticipating certain solutions to tackle the crisis.

From Sepla, and especially from the company councils, we are working with our maximum efforts, hand to hand with each airline, to keep a minute control of the development of events. This is an exceptional situation, which will require exceptional measures that we cannot yet anticipate. For this reason, Sepla is making available to all company councils all the resources that we have, to face this situation in the most coordinated way possible, and with all the legal resources at its disposal. All with the objective of guaranteeing that the rights of the pilots are respected.

Sepla has followed the situation from the first moment and has decided to activate, in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Community of Madrid, teleworking in our offices temporarily. That will not mean a decrease in the union’s services to the affiliates at all, who will continue to see all their requests answered. However, and given the circumstances, we are obliged to reallocate resources preferentially towards the company councils, which are the ones who can best work in defence of the interests of our whole group.

For this reason, the union requests its members to channel, as far as possible, all the demands and services that are required through their company councils. Additionally, we inform you that, all the requests received will be managed in coordination with the company councils in strict order of importance, at least until this crisis can be considered overcome.

The pilots’ collective is a strong one. This is not the first crisis that aviation has gone through. On many occasions, we pilots have shown that we know how to be united and have high-mindedness. We have gone through many hard situations together and we have all known how to respond, collaborating with each other, maintaining the calm, serenity and professionalism that characterizes us. Now, more than ever, it is important that we maintain our values and do it in unity, which is what has always characterized us.

Thank you everyone for your support.

Sepla Governing Board