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SEPLA consolidated as one of the main institutions for drone pilots

Sepla attends to the international fair of drones in Madrid, “Expodrónica”. It welcomes the best and most important pilots associatons of the industry.

On the 4th and 5th of July, the fourth edition of Expodronica took place. A meeting directed toward those RPAs pilots which in accordance with their own vividness and associations started exchanging experiences of this sector between each other. This year the Congress took place at IFEMA Madrid after three years in Zaragoza.

SEPLA’s goal for this year was to present and inform to a collective drone pilots the significance of what a RPAs Pilots Associate means. We went there with the objective of informing and capturing new affiliates in order to keep up growing.

Once again, SEPLA has contributed with a presentation about the new normative that states a new regulation in the use of drones, also known as RPA, Remoted Piloted Aircraft. SEPLA’s coordinator of drone pilots associated, David Madroño, explained the benefits of “El Real Decreto 1036/2017” and the opportunities that hands in this specific sector, facilitating the process of authorizations.

The presentation also mentioned the procedures of being able to fly in controlled air spaces and the necessity of some schools instructions to improve the way they are teaching the concepts already said.

This fourth edition of the fair has been strictly directed toward the professional use of drones, leaving away the recreational one. Proof of this was the absence of companies which main goals were the consumer markets rather than the professional ones. As well as the participation of big companies such as Endesa or Iberdrola to expose their necessities for the environment of infrastructure inspection

At SEPLA’s stand we exhibited a drone X8, which incorporates the last technologies required to use a drone in controlled airspace. As for example the transponder S and a pyrotechnic parachute to make operations in urban environments. Our drone was the only aircraft of this characteristics in the entire fair and this served us for capturing new affiliated members. More than one hundred were registered as new associated of SEPLA.

With this new participation and contribution, SEPLA consolidates as one of the main institutions for drone pilots. Two years have passed since the Company Council has open its doors two this type of pilots with a huge potential, which can thus belong to the main association of pilots in Spain and get impregnate with their culture and aviation safety.