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Sepla attends the event “Network of networks: promoting female talent”

Network of networks event

On 22 September, Sepla attended the annual event “Network of networks: promoting female talent”, organised by the association Ellas Vuelan Alto with the aim of giving visibility to women in the aerospace sector. Participants at the meeting, held at the DENTONS company headquarters in Madrid, reflected on the role played by women’s networks in achieving equality in public and private entities. Consuelo Arto, a member of the Institutional Relations Department, represented Sepla.

The event included a round table moderated by the legal director of Babcock International Group for Spain and Portugal and legal and financial director of Ellas Vuelan Alto, Silvia Vela, in which the heads of the most important women’s networks in the aviation sector took part. Taking part in the debate were Belén Moreno, corporate director of SENASA and vice-president of the SENTIR network; Rocío García Rubio, program manager at Thales Alenia Space and president of the Women in Aerospace network; Carolina Ajates, international business manager at INECO and vice-president of the MINERVA network, as well as María Gómez del Pozuelo, CEO and founder of Womenalia.

Women and men working in the same direction

Among the main arguments put forward, Carolina Ajates focused on the need for an open, growing network, with a male presence and a vocation for service. Rocío García Rubio advocated maintaining energy and growing progressively. María Gómez del Pozuelo highlighted the importance of non-technical skills, such as communication, as well as the convenience of gaining confidence and empowerment.

The participants in the round table encouraged women and men to work in the same direction, with the aim of shining a light on female talent. To this end, they were committed to giving visibility to technical women and inspiring the new generations, by presenting the aerospace sector from different points of view. The event “Network of networks” was closed by Raquel González, volunteer partner of Ellas Vuelan Alto and HO transversal quality at Airbus Defence and Space.