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Sepla 2022 Company Council Elections Calendar

Un afiliado de Sepla introduce un voto en la urna de las elecciones a Secciones Sindicales

The Governing Board has called elections for a total of 16 Company Councils to be held on the next 28th, 29th and 30th of November. The process began on 24th October with the publication of the electoral census on the Sepla notice boards located in the Sepla offices in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as with the opening of the presentation of pre-candidatures.

The call for elections marks the start of one of the most important periods for the Spanish airline pilots’ union, in which members will have to vote for the representatives who will form the new Sepla Company Councils.

In order to make this process easier for all members, a calendar has been drawn up with the dates to be taken into account, which you will find below:

Electoral calendar

24 Oct. – 2 Nov. Publication of the preliminary electoral census, complaints about the census, rectification of defects and call for elections

24 Oct. – 2 Nov. Application for postal votes

2 Nov. Census appeals, ruling on appeals and publication of the definitive census

24 Oct. – 3 Nov. Presentation of pre-candidatures

4 and 7 Nov. Correction of defects, pre-candidatures and definitive proclamation

8 Nov. – 14 Nov. Submission of candidatures

15 Nov. Publication of candidatures

16 Nov. Objections to candidatures, ruling on objections and final proclamation of candidatures

17 Nov. Verification of the electronic voting system by the Electoral Commission and generation of certificates

17 Nov – 23 Nov Dispatch of postal ballot papers to those who have requested them and of digital e-voting certificate to those voters who have not requested postal votes

17 Nov. – 26 Nov. Election Campaign

27 Nov. Day of reflection

28, 29 and 30 Nov. Personal voting in person. At the close of polling station, the deadline for the receipt of postal and electronic votes online, the counting of votes will take place.

30 Nov. Proclamation of provisional results

30 Nov. and 1 Dec. Objections to the results

2 Dec. Final decision and announcement of results

Delegates will be elected on the basis of a closed list system. Sepla’s Electoral Regulations allow for face-to-face voting, postal voting and also electronic voting, which is recommended for the convenience of members.