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Did you know that the suspension of the Air Europa agreement is unjustified?

After the company presented its intention to reduce the salaries of pilots in percentages ranging between 45 and 25% depending on the salarial-scale, a consultation period began with the union section, followed by another series of meetings of the joint committee of the agreement. An agreement was not reached in either of the meetings.

The main reason that prevented such an agreement on wage reduction was the lack of information provided to the legal representation of the pilots regarding the actual accounts of Air Europa and contracts it has with the other companies of the Globalia group. Specifically, throughout the process the company refused to clarify which transfers were made between various group companies and what the development plan provided to justify that wage decrease.

Nor it would set by the company a time limit on such off-hook, or quantify the expected savings. The representation of the pilots offered however at all times that posed significant savings plans and amendments to the Convention to facilitate business development. All these offers that were rejected by the company during the whole process only showed interest in achieving a monetary savings through reduced wages, without specifying the purpose of such savings or explain any future prospect that would justify the effort that seeks to impose pilots.

After these fruitless meetings, the company requested the mediation of the SIMA Foundation (Interconfederal Service Mediation and Arbitration). Through this mechanism, the Union Section reached an agreement on a wage with a consistent 15% reduction in all concepts and time bound limited to 30 June 2013. This agreement was the pick only means of transferring to collective pilot the latter approach with the company which had stated that only maintained its offer until the completion of the process in SIMANA and was awaiting ratification by the members, who must decide with their vote whether or not to accept the decrease.

Just during the period, imposed by SEPLA, for that vote occurs, skip the news of the purchase by Globalia, the group Orizonia.

Pilots, feeling deceived by his company, which on the one hand maintains that a drastic wage adjustment to allow the survival of Air Europa is necessary, and on the other invests a significant amount of money to buy another group of companies, the other with serious financial problems, which also includes an airline which takes time externalizing production, airline Orbest- vote by a large majority (74%) NOT to pay off hook.

At this point, and after the pilots decide not to accept the proposal of the company, it must decide whether to continue with its intention to climb down salaries from the agreement or if pure logic abandons this new scenario creating the largest tourism group of our country and the third in Europe.

If it should go ahead, the National Advisory Committee on Collective Agreements will be the body responsible for approving or rejecting the lift of the agreement. For its part, the union section of SEPLA on Air Europa submitted communication to SIMA and the company for the outcome of the vote, explaining in the same little sense to have cut so drastically wages while you buy another group of companies that also includes another airline with which production belonging to Air Europa pilots segregates.