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Did you know that Air Europa will reinstate a fired pilot?

Judge declares null a pilot dismissal for exercising their right to strike.

Air Europa must readmit one of the pilots who was fired for exercising their right to strike. This is considered the judgment of the Labour Court number 34 of Madrid, in July quashed the dismissal of a pilot executed by the company during the strike exerted by the pilots of Air Europa. The Court has considered void the dismissal due to a 'breach of their right to strike and freedom of association".
On November 17, 2011, an Air Europa pilot was fired on the grounds that had not passed his test period. However, the justification for this dismissal has not been sufficiently "objective and reasonable" according to the judge, calling it a "strange coincidence", another four pilots were layed off for the same reason and in the same period of time. Something that the company "had never done as here and during a strike," he concludes.

The judge also considers that there has been a "violation of the right to strike and freedom of association," it declares invalid the dismissal practiced by the company and condemns Air Europa to reinstate the dismissed worker "under the same current conditions prior to termination. " In addition, it shall pay accrued wages processing from day 1 December 2011 until the date of reinstatement.