Sepla will give a 50% subsidy to members' fees in ERTE and with low production
As of January, members in ERTE with production less than 70% of that of 2019 will see their union dues reduced by 50%.

December, 23th 2020.


The Sepla Board of Directors, at its meeting last November, agreed to extend to 2021 the subsidized membership dues measure initiated in April 2020. This measure contemplates a 50% subsidy of the general fee with a minimum of 20 Euros and will be applied, at least, while the ERTE derived from the pandemic caused by the Covid19 remains in force and, furthermore, an Equivalent Production per Pilot equal or higher than 70% is not reached with respect to the same period in 2019.


The application date will be from January onwards, and will be in force at least until March 31st. The continuity of this measure will be conditioned to its approval by the General Assembly.


This new concept of Equivalent Production per Pilot, understood as the quotient between the number of operations and the number of pilots per company, will be the general criterion adopted to evaluate the degree of return to normality and will allow to determine the moment in which the bonus of quotas will be reverted.


The Equivalent Production per Pilot will be calculated on a quarterly basis, independently for each airline, and will be compared with the same period in fiscal year 2019. In this way, as the companies recover their pre-crisis activity levels and the pilots increase their income, the full fees will be resumed.


The financing to undertake this measure will be, initially, from Sepla's own resources. However, due to the poor levels of these after the subsidies carried out since April 2020, the Governing Board agreed to request the General Assembly to continue with this measure from the Union Aid Fund (FAS).


The vehicle used to channel this funding will be a new Sepla fund which, if approved by the Assembly, will be called the Covid Emergency Fund19 . This will be fed by the FAS and its sole beneficiary will be Sepla. This new fund will be regulated by a set of rules drawn up ex-profeso and will include, among other things, the maximum amounts to be financed, the duration of the fund, the mechanism for returning it to the FAS, etc.


This measure does not apply initially to pilots who pay Air Works fees because their activity has not been affected. Nor does it apply to members who pay basic or reduced basic fees.


The Board is well aware that solidarity is one of the main pillars of this union, and thanks to the contributions of colleagues in the past and those who do not have their dues subsidized in the present, we can apply this type of measure and thus maintain the level of service and operation that is so necessary for the union in these complicated times. This newsletter therefore serves to thank you for your contribution at this crucial time for Sepla and all its members.


The following will be the subsidized dues that will be issued as of January 2021:


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