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27/05/2022 | We attended IFALPA's 76th IFALPA’s Conference
The president of Sepla, Óscar Sanguino, the director of the Technical Department, Javier Martín-Chico; and the collaborator of the Technical Department and vicechair of HELCOM, David Abad, are participating in the 76th Conference organised by the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations, IFALPA, in Singapore. This was the first face-to-face event held by IFALPA since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pilots' community analysed the future challenges for the aviation sector, such as RCO (Reduced Crew Operations) and sustainability.
27/05/2022 | Interview with Dr. Susan Michaelis
Dr Susan Michaelis is a former ATPL Pilot and Cranfield University trained qualified Air Accident Investigator. She has further expertise in the topics of 'Aircraft Contaminated Air', hazardous substances and safety in the workplace. Susan has assisted air accident investigation bureaus, airlin es, manufacturers, regulators, government, military, legal teams, unions and individuals. Dr Susan Michaelis is a former ATPL Pilot and Cranfield University trained qualified Air Accident Investigator. She has further expertise in the topics of 'Aircraft Contaminated Air', hazardous substances and safety in the workplace. Dr. Susan is a co-founder of GCAQE along Cpt Tristaine Loraine.
27/05/2022 | Airline pilots to be trained to investigate plane crashes
If anything characterizes the professional pilot, it is his or her continuous training, the acquisition of knowledge and experience to carry out his or her task properly and with absolute rigor. The Polytechnic University of Madrid offers us, one more year, the opportunity to obtain a specific postgraduate training in Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation.
25/05/2022 | Sepla participa en la Jornada Mujer y Aeronáutica
Consuelo Arto, responsable del grupo de trabajo de Recuperación del Sector Aeronáutico, participó el pasado miércoles, 25 de mayo, en la VII Edición de la Jornada Mujer y Aeronáutica, organizada por Fly News con el patrocinio de Boeing, la Comunidad de Madrid y GISA-Ayuntamiento de Getafe. Durante el evento, se constató un optimismo generalizado en cuanto al futuro del sector aeronáutico y se analizaron cuestiones fundamentales como la Sostenibilidad, los drones y los nuevos títulos de Formación Profesional.
13/05/2022 | Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Course
Óscar Sanguino, President of Sepla, together with Javier Martín-Chico, Vice-President of AEP, attended the inauguration of the 9th edition of the Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Course at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.
12/05/2022 | The drawbacks of a wise measure
On 31 July, the AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency) exemption for cargo aircraft comes to an end. This prerogative, which was issued in 2020, has served to help many airlines in times of pandemic to transport goods in passenger cabins and this has been a lifeline for airlines. However, EASA has decided that it will not extend the temporary approval for the conversion of passenger aircraft to cargo.
12/05/2022 | Incidents at MEX TMA
On May 7, on runway 05L at Mexico City Airport (MMMX), a flight was authorized to land with other aircraft already lined up on the same runway. A frustrated landing was made, alerted by other aircraft that was at the holding point.
12/05/2022 | Manual "Negotiating without crashing", prepared by Mr. Rafael Muñoz Delmás
The Sepla Governing Board presented at its meeting held on 10 May, the Manual "Negotiating without crashing", prepared by Mr. Rafael Muñoz Delmás, delegate of his Comapny Council and Deputy Secretary of Sepla, between 2017 and 2021.
12/05/2022 | Aviadoras and Sepla support a workshop with children to break stereotypes in the classroom
Women in science, technology, the armed forces and sports surprised a class of children with the aim of raising awareness of the wide variety of professions and jobs that exist.
12/05/2022 | Doing this survey is important for your future
This time it is up to all of us to do our part for the future of our profession. It is a small effort that will help to prove to the European authorities how we pilots feel and how we are living our way out of the pandemic.
10/05/2022 | El análisis de los ingenieros sobre el 5G en España
Objeto Este artículo tiene por objeto el examen de las posibles interferencias entre los sistemas de comunicaciones móviles de Quinta Generación (5G) a los radioaltímetros de las aeronaves.




12/12/2021 | Patrona 2021. Toda una vida volando



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