Norwegian Pilots will make stoppages if the Company does not conform

Norwegian has not yet shown that there are objective causes that justify closing the bases of Palma de Mallorca, Gran Canaria and Tenerife.SEPLA requires the company to make a commitment to maintain the jobs and working conditions of the Pilots, as well as an agreement to carry out the relocation of the Pilots, if applicable.

Madrid, February 6th 2019

The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots demands that Norwegian presents the documentation, with the objective and real causes, that justify the need for the closure of bases recently announced by the Company. To date, and despite the various meetings held between both parties, Norwegian has not been able to argue with objective reasons, and in accordance with the law, the reasons that force it to close these bases.

At the same time, SEPLA also asks the Company for a written guarantee that all jobs and working conditions will be maintained, and that no Pilot will be made redundant, something that it has not been able to provide so far.

In contrast, many Norwegian Pilots affected by this measure are receiving invitations from the Company to “accept” a transfer forced upon them, prior to the execution of the transfer plan. SEPLA requires that the Company ceases this practice, that does not comply with the law, and that only serves to increase the discomfort felt by the group affected.

Additionally, SEPLA requires Norwegian, if it maintains its intention to close the bases, proceeds immediately to the opening of a consultation period, where the existence of causes that justify the measures is confirmed, and an agreement is reached with SEPLA to guarantee the future of the jobs and working conditions of the Norwegian Pilots in Spain.
SEPLA reserves the right to resort to all legal measures that may be necessary – including stoppages – to defend the jobs of the affected Pilots.

“Norwegian must be clear about our future, and we will not hesitate to mobilize if necessary, as the discontent and uncertainty in our group is increasing every day” asserted the SEPLA Trade Union Section in Norwegian.

SEPLA’s Press Department
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