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Majority Support from Wamos Air Pilots for Sepla Company Council to Take Necessary Measures Against the Airline’s Unjust Dismissals

  • 78.4% of the affiliates voted in favor of taking necessary measures to reinstate their five colleagues
  • Sepla requests the immediate reinstatement of the dismissed pilots to avoid serious labor conflicts

Madrid, January 11, 2024 – With a historic 78.4% of votes in favor and a 77% turnout, Wamos Air pilots affiliated with Sepla, gathered in assembly between January 8 and 10, have offered their full support to the Spanish Airline Pilots Union for taking necessary measures to reinstate their five colleagues, unjustly dismissed by Wamos Air in retaliation for creating Sepla’s first union section at the airline, as well as for defending the labor rights of the workers.

The chief delegate of the Sepla company council at Wamos Air, Joan Bauzá, has thanked this massive support, highlighting that “the pilots have made history with this vote and mobilization in defense of their colleagues.” For Bauzá, “these results strongly reflect the collective’s rejection of the unjust measures undertaken by the airline’s executives,” and give “strength to the union section to initiate all necessary actions to reinstate the pilots.”

He also requested that “the executives cease their threats and harassment of the collective, listen to the pilots, and work to normalize relations between the workers and the company because we all want the same thing: to improve working conditions and the image of Wamos Air to make it more attractive to our customers and workers.”

Avoiding Serious Labor Conflicts

Sepla regrets that Wamos Air airline did not attend the meeting held this morning between both parties with the necessary negotiating and decision-making capacity to reverse the unjust dismissal of five airline pilots. The union warns that if the company continues with this intransigent attitude and there are no real advances, this situation could lead to serious labor conflicts within the company, as the collective has shown its absolute support in defense of their colleagues. For the union, this way of acting by the airline undermines the company’s reputation.