The first Pilot Support Program

The PAPI Program is a tool for pilots, which provides them with the support of specifically trained peers to accompany them in times of emotional stress, whether caused by a critical situation during or after a flight, or by problems of everyday life.

la fatiga amenaza de la seguridad aerea

From pilots, for pilots

Under pressure? stressed? conflict resolution impossible? who better than a fellow pilot, who knows your worries and fears as well as you do, to support you in the hardest moments of your career and personal life?

We empathize and accompany you

Because pilots, despite all our training, our education and our ability to solve critical situations, do not necessarily know all the mechanisms to face personal difficulties.

CISM Training

PAPI pilots are trained in CISM methodology, stress management, which teaches us to provide tools to help face the most complicated situations, avoiding greater problems in the medium and long term.

Necessary assistance

Since February 2021, airlines are obliged to implement this type of support programs among pilots, in order to ensure their emotional well-being in a confidential, non-stigmatized and safe environment.

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