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Iberia pilots ratify the 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement by a wide majority

  • The agreement in principle signed with the company was backed by 67.1 per cent of the pilots’ group.

Iberia pilots have ratified by a large majority the pre-agreement for the 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement, signed by the Sepla Company Council within Iberia (SSIB) and the company’s management last 15 October. Out of a census of 1,407 pilots that make up Iberia’s seniority list, a total of 1,231 workers have exercised their right, which represents 87.4%, according to the vote count carried out from 14.00 hours in the presence of two volunteer pilots, who have acted as auditors to attest to the legality of the process.

Of all the votes cast, 67.1% endorsed the text of the 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement, which represents extensive support for the new working conditions negotiated by the union representatives over the last few months with the company’s management. The votes against represented 30.71%, while blank votes accounted for only 2.19% of the total.
The results of the vote represent strong support for the work carried out by the company council in recent years, concentrated in a collective agreement that benefits all sectors of the pilots’ career ladder and that fulfils the commitments previously made to the pilots’ group in terms of wage recovery (minimum 10% increase until the end of 2023), reduction of time spent at Level, co-pilot releases (commitment to 140 promotions to commander by Iberia, not counting Iberia Express or the additional arrival of aircraft), fleet expansion, guarantee of Level’s operation for the next five years and assignment of the A321 XLR.

“A complex and balanced agreement, the result of many months of work”

The signing of the final document between Iberia management and union representatives will follow the ratification of this agreement at the airline’s headquarters. In this way, the 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement will come into force from that moment and will be valid until 31 December 2025.

For Agustín Guzmán, head of the Sepla Company Council whitin Iberia, “the 10th Collective Bargaining Agreement is a complex and balanced agreement, the result of many months of work, which allows Iberia pilots to be present in the present and future plans of IAG and to improve their conditions”.