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Iberia and Vueling Pilots Create the First Interunion Alliance of Sepla at IAG

  • The first interunion alliance of Sepla is open to more union sections from other IAG airlines
  • With this alliance, Sepla pilots at IAG will join efforts to improve the representation of the pilots within the consortium

Madrid, April 4, 2024.- The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla) has announced the creation of the first interunion alliance at IAG, an initiative of Sepla’s company councils at Iberia and Vueling to defend the rights and working conditions of the pilots of the airlines owned by the aviation group. Additionally, this new section will better channel dialogue between the workers and IAG with the goal of consolidating the company’s growth and creating more opportunities for professional development for pilots.

For the president of Sepla, Óscar Sanguino, “the creation of the first interunion alliance of Sepla at IAG is a significant milestone for the union.” For Sanguino, “these are new times in aviation that demand new formulas in the defense of workers’ rights.” As the president of Sepla points out, “IAG is key in the development of aviation in Spain and, therefore, it is vital for the collective to have greater coordination and cooperation within the group.”

For his part, the chief delegate of the Sepla company council at Iberia, Juan Polo, states that with this interunion alliance “a new era begins at Sepla”. The chief delegate adds that “pooling resources among the pilots who belong to the IAG airlines has never been done before and will give us the opportunity to secure a better work future for all the group’s pilots.” Polo adds that “in the 21st century, in a globalized and changing world, with modern corporate structures, we should not maintain 20th-century union structures.”

The chief delegate of the Sepla company council at Vueling, David Rodríguez, has stated that “this alliance will allow us to carry out actions in a coordinated way to defend a future and plan a professional career for pilots as soon as they join any of the IAG airlines.”

Both chief delegates have agreed to start conversations with the rest of the company councils within IAG to invite them to join this initiative.

The Company Councils 

The company councils of Sepla are fundamental to the structure of the union, responsible for negotiating and defending the labour rights of pilots in each airline. Its members, democratically elected every four years, work tirelessly to ensure fair and safe working conditions in the aviation sector.

About Sepla

Founded in 1965, the Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (Sepla) is an independent institution that represents nearly 7,500 pilots from all airlines based in Spain, as well as helicopter pilots, aerial work, and UAS pilots. Its main objective is to protect and defend the labor, professional, and social environment, the well-being of the pilot collective, as well as flight safety.