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From 48 to 72 hours off-duty period after vaccination

• Aircrew members should consider a waiting period of 48 hours after each dose of COVID-19 vaccine

March 31st, 2021

The European Aviation Safety Agency has recently issued a Safety Information Bulletin with medical recommendations to air crews who may receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

EASA recalls in this bulletin that WHO recommends prioritizing transport workers and incorporating them in phase 3 of vaccination, including aircrews, with the exception of those with additional risk factors, in which case they would be prioritized on an individual basis.

Several States have also included in their priority lists for Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 the crew members of helicopter emergency medical services and air ambulance services, some of whom may have already received a dose of vaccine.

EASA recommends that aircrew members who are eligible for the vaccine under state-specific vaccination programs wait a minimum of 48 hours before returning to flight, to avoid possible side effects that could affect flight. This minimum waiting period may be extended to 72 hours for aircrew members performing single crew operations.

In addition, and although EASA confirms that serious side effects are extremely rare, it recommends air crew members to consult with their AME in case side effects persist for more than 48 hours following the vaccination.

See the EASA Safety Report in the downloadable file below.