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The European Cockpit Association, was founded in 1991, and it represents the core of the pilots at the European Union. It represents more than 38.000 European pilots belonging to the European Associations of 37 different European nations.

ECA represents the collective interest of its members fighting to reach the maximum standard of safety, job quality and social rights of its affiliates.


The International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations is the global voice of professional pilots by providing representation, services and support in order to promote the highest level of aviation safety worldwide.


IFALPA fulfills its objectives through the activities of its Elected Officers, appointed Representatives, expert Committees and staff based in Montreal.


IFALPA Committees

IFALPA has 11 standing working groups, named committees, centered on professional and technical affairs, which focus on the technical and professional issues that face pilots as a profession.

Administration and Finance (A&F)  
It is in charge of developing the internal policy at IFALPA and the internal relations with the Federation officers, as well as taking care of the finances of the Federation.

Aerodrome Ground Environment (AGE)  
It is the link between the airport authorities, ICAO and IFALPA, and its primarily duty is to make sure that the airports around the Globe adhere to the ICAO Annex 14, while it assess ICAO on its SARPs. Thanks to this committee, IFALPA has developed the figure of the ALR (Airport Liason Representative), with whom SEPLA tries to improve the airport facilities throughout Spain.

Accident Analysis and Prevention (AAP)  
This committee is in charge of establishing guides and protocols in case of an incident or accident. It helps to develop ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in relation to incident or accident investigation.
The members of this committee provide advice to the member associations according to the ICAO Annex 13, as well as promote the development and establishment of non-punitive safety programs.
The actual Chairman of this committee is Ariel Shocrón Croitoru.

Aircraft Design and Operation (ADO)  
The core activity of this committee is to improve air safety by influencing the design of aircraft and operation and to improve the working environment based on the work developed together with the most aeronautical manufacturers while designing the different systems and aircraft components.
It also helps develop SARPs, to guarantee a safe environment for the crews, according to ICAO Annexes 6 and 8. To this committee assist representatives of Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC, Embraer, CFM or GE among others.

Human Performance (HUPER)  
This group is focused on Human Performances, but not only this, as this committee is divided on three subgroups:
Training, Licenses and Operation
Human Factors in Aircraft Design, Procedures, Operations and incident/accident investigation

Helicopters (HEL)  
The IFALPA Helicopter Committee focuses on rotary wing related matters. This committee works in co-operation with the other standing committees of the Federation, like the AAP, HUPER among others, due to their high specialization.

Industrial (IND)  
This is the committee in charge of monitoring and study the industrial developments which may have an impact to the airline pilot, develop policies, compile, analyze and disseminate information on regulatory and contractual issues, etc.
The Chairman of this committee is the SEPLA member Francisco Hoyas.

Legal (LEG)  
In charge of assess legally IFALPA as well as the member Associations, as well as the rest of the committees. It is composed of both legally trained pilots as well as aviation qualified lawyers.

Dangerous Goods (DG)  
This Committee promotes the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air throughout the world, in coordination with the IATA, the IAEA, the WHO and ICAO.
As an example, one of the issues that has required the involvement of IFALPA is the transportation of the Ion-Lithium batteries, and trough this committee a new legislation has been put forward thanks to the expertise of the IFALPA experts.

Security (SEC)  
This is the committee in charge of the security issues, and its core activity is the protection and safety of all persons involved in civil aviation and the general public against acts of unlawful interference both, on the ground or in flight.
The Chairman of this committee is  Agustín Guzmán Rodriguez.

Air Traffic Services (ATS)  
The core activity of this committee is to improve aviation safety, by promoting a single level of safety to the highest standards possible, applying the professional experience and expertise of the members of the committee. The members of this committee are involved in other regional working groups where new ATM systems are being introduced, lake SESAR, in Europe, NextGen in North America, and ASBU in South America.
The base documents for this committee are the ICAO Annexes 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, and 15, as well as the Doc. 4444.


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