Aviadoras resumes its “Back to School” campaign to awaken pilot vocations among girls and boys

Campaña Vuelta al Cole Aviadoras Sepla Sindicato de Pilotos de España

Sepla’s Aviadoras initiative is resuming its “Back to School” campaign, which aims to show the benefits of the profession of pilot to children and try to inspire them to take up the profession. To this end, the union is offering our members the chance to accompany them to schools to enthuse them and tell them, in first person, about their experience as professionals in the sector.

Applicants can register through a form, filling in the required data and the name of the school where they wish to give the lecture. Once all fields have been completed, they will be assigned a partner to attend the lecture in pairs and will be provided with aeronautical material to use in the classroom.

Aviadoras is reviving this project after a two-year hiatus during which the pandemic prevented Sepla members from joining this initiative, which seeks to inspire boys and girls to become professional pilots, to create role models among the youngest, to increase the number of female pilots and to instil in all of them the values of integration and equality.  

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