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The aeronautical advisory team is made up of lawyers with extensive experience in aviation law, and is responsible for ensuring that there are no abuses or infringements of laws that could result in threats to the safety of flights and pilots on board. It also assists the Technical Department in its initiatives and proposals on aviation safety.

Handling complaints and procedures before the public administration, aeronautical authorities, and other aviation bodies when non-compliance with aeronautical regulations is detected at both collective and individual level.

Supporting and advising Sepla’s Technical Department in all its initiatives to promote aviation safety, providing a legal framework for all those initiatives that it proposes to the Administration, to guarantee their adaptation to the legal system.

Liaising with other aviation bodies, whether aeronautical authorities or working groups made up of pilots or other aviation professionals, to help bring forward legislative initiatives on aviation that contribute to improving its environment and aviation safety.

Studying, arguing, and proposing comments and improvements in all newly approved aviation regulations, always in line with the interests of pilots and aviation safety.

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