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Are you an EasyJet pilot? Know what SEPLA has to offer you

The Spanish Airline Pilots’ Association (SEPLA) invites all EZY pilots based in Spain to a meeting to be held next 29th March 2016, at the union headquarters in BCN (Building Hidira . Business Park Mas Blau C / Osona 2 Ground Floor A- 308820 Prat del Llobregat. ). This meeting will be attended by SEPLA’s President and the Institutional Relations Director.

To facilitate the attendance of all the interested pilots , we shall organise two sessions: one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. See below for timetables:

• MORNING : 11:00 lt.

• AFTERNOON : 16:00 lt.

The purpose of the meeting is to give a presentation about the union -who we are , what our structure is, what means we have at our disposal, what our goals are- to those new EasyJet pilots who are not familiar with SEPLA and discuss the process of creating a SEPLA Company Council within EZY.

We look forward to personally greeting you all on 29th March.