Air Nostrum reinstatement of the captain grounded for a false discrimination accusation

• • The reinstatement of this captain confirms the falsity of the accusations made by the newspaper La Razón as well as the professionalism with which the concerned captain acted during the boarding of a conflictive passenger.

April, 6th, 2021.

Air Nostrum has returned the captain to his normal duties after being falsely accused of discrimination by the newspaper La Razón.

Air Nostrum’s rectification comes after both Sepla and the affected captain requested the rescheduling, and after having consulted the reports made by all the employees who were present at the scene.

These reports confirm not only that the captain did not deny boarding to the passengers (indeed, he initially admitted it), but that it was the behaviour of one of the passengers, who refused to agree to the documentary checks on the PCR test at the boarding gate, which delayed the departure of the flight and ultimately prevented him from entering the aircraft.

This passenger turned out to be the president of the newspaper La Razón, which published an article after the event accusing the captain of denying him boarding because he was in a wheelchair. This article falsely accusing the pilot of discriminatory treatment led to his deprogramming by the company.

The return of this captain to his normal activity is proof that he acted at all times with absolute professionalism, adhering to the operational protocols.

Sepla regrets the particular use that has been made of a loudspeaker such as a national media to defame the actions of a professional who was not involved in the development of the events. In this sense, Sepla expects the newspaper La Razón to rectify these accusations, which could have had a direct and lasting impact on his professional image and his honour.

Sepla’s Press Department

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