Agreements with banks and insurers regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the COVID-19 crisis arose in Spain, and due to the anticipation of measures to reduce employment in different airlines, the Sepla Affiliate’s Service Department approached talks with the different service providers with which Sepla has agreements for its affiliates.

Thus, in recent days, we have reached a variety of agreements with different banks and insurers, which have agreed to propose options that will soften the economic burden of pilots during the hardest months of this period, in which our liquidity will be seriously affected because of the ERTE measures.

We’d like to thank these entities for their willingness to find formulas that can help us overcome this critical moment. It is on these occasions that belonging to a group like Sepla takes on its true dimension.

In the following pages, we will explain in detail each of them:



The Affiliate’s Service Department has negotiated with the three banks to obtain grace periods in the payment of the capital of mortgage loans during specific periods. Nevertheless, the entities reserve the right to study each operation individually.

  • BANKINTER: Offers a capital grace period during 4 months on all its mortgages. The amounts that couldn’t be cancelled due to the ERTE, will be prorated in monthly payments until the credit term expires. This will be specified in a private document.
  • SANTANDER: Grace period of capital from 6 to 12 months to choose from, and whose return can be made in two ways, either a proration during the rest of the life of the credit, or prolonging the payment of the mortgage with separate payments added at the end of the mortgage. In case of choosing to extend the term, the bank will require a notarized document (raised to the public). In the case of prorating the amount not cancelled, it will be done in a private document, although the bank reserves the right to demand raising it to the public in the future. These conditions apply exclusively to mortgages subscribed in Euros that are up to date with all payments.
  • CAIXABANK: Offers the possibility of a capital grace period until September 30th, on all its Sepla affiliates’ mortgages. The conditions will be studied on a case-by-case basis.


  • BANKINTER: Already pre-authorized loan for affiliates, of up to €10,000, with a grace period of 6 months, and a return term of another 18 months. In addition, there is no opening or cancellation fee. TIN is 3%.


The insurers with which Sepla has agreements offer different options to make these months of job reduction more bearable. Among them, the possibility of subscribing other coverages, at a lower cost, during the months of the crisis, and, offering the possibility to return to the previous conditions if it is returned within a certain period. Next, we explain how each of them is carried out.


Covid-19 disease coverage has been successfully included, as pandemics were previously excluded. Covered for both Temporary Disability and Loss of License.



    Offers Sepla Affiliates two options:

    1. Possibility of transferring to a ASISA GO policy (check conditions in attached document) for a maximum of 6 months, and then return to the previous policy in the same conditions as before.

    2. Possibility of unsubscribing from the policy while in an ERTE situation, to return afterwards in the same conditions as before.


    Offers Sepla Affiliates two options:

    1. 10% discount on the usual policy for holders under 65 years of age.

    2. Possibility to switch to an ‘ACTÍVATE DIGITAL’ Policy (check conditions in attached document) for a maximum of 12 months, and then return to the previous policy in the same conditions.
    While in the actual situation, SANITAS and ASISA have included video call consultations.


    The insurer CIGNA offers our affiliates the possibility of unsubscribing from the policy for a
    maximum of 4 months, to return later in the same previous conditions.

    The maximum return date to the previous policy would be August 1st, 2020. After that date, return to the previous policy would include a medical questionnaire.

VERY IMPORTANT! In case of choosing to migrate to reduced policies during this period or, in the case of CIGNA and ASISA, for its temporary cancellation, it is recommended to set an alarm in the holder’s personal electronic agenda, so that the established deadlines are not exceeded, since in that case the historical rights would be lost.


To benefit from them, it will be necessary to contact, in each case, in a specific way:


    Starting next April 1st, you can contact your local branch office to request it. If you don’t obtain an answer, keep in mind that some offices may be closed. In that case, do not hesitate to contact us through the email or the telephone number 91 309 67 50 and we will do our best to solve your request. We remind you to read carefully the conditions of the private contracts that are presented to you.

    Caixabank makes its branch network available to us to make this request. Even so, they require the mortgage moratorium request to be previously completed at the following link:


    At your own Bankinter office, they must know about the agreement reached between Sepla and the Bank, since they’ve notified the office branch network internally. In case of lack of this information at a given office, ask the office manager to confirm the conditions at the email address:


    To request the discount on the policy, or the change to ‘ACTIVA DIGITAL’, we must contact Alkora:
    o Alicia Fuentes. Email: Tlf. 91 838 80 78
    o Soraya López. Email: Tlf. 91 837 48 32

    They will indicate us how we should proceed, since they will centralize all the documentation required by SANITAS. We kindly ask for your patience, since during the first moments, they probably will be overwhelmed.

  • ASISA:

    To request cancellation of the policy, or change to the ASISA GO policy, we must contact Alkora:

    o Alicia Fuentes. Email: Tlf. 91 838 80 78
    o Soraya López. Email: Tlf. 91 837 48 32

    They will tell us how we should proceed, since they will centralize all the documentation required by ASISA.

  • CIGNA:

    To suspend the policy during these 4 months (deadline to return is August 1st) , we must contact Alkora:
    o Alicia Fuentes. Email: Tlf. 91 838 80 78
    o Soraya López. Email: Tlf. 91 837 48 32

You can obtain more information about the details of these agreements in the documents attached to this Newsletter. In addition, you can contact Sepla’s Affiliate Service Department (913 096 750) or the Alkora Team (918 388 079). Everyone there knows about these new agreements, and, can advise you on this regard.


We hope you understand that all these conditions have been negotiated in record time, and within a very complicated situation. Therefore, they cannot have the levels of guarantee and supervision of the conditions that Sepla usually gives to the agreements it reaches.

The different approaches and agreements here presented are optional for those who want to subscribe them, being the interested party fully responsible for the changing conditions or coverage. We therefore kindly ask you to be very careful when selecting any of these options, and, consult any questions or doubts that may arise. Likewise, check very carefully the different contracts that are offered to you, before signing them.

Sepla’s whole work is focused on finding formulas that make life easier for our affiliates during the months of this crisis. Although we are sure that this is a specific crisis that will end soon, our duty is to be by our pilots’ side.