A fund to help our pilots

The General Assembly approved on Wednesday the creation of the Covid Emergency Fund (FEC in Spanish), which will allow the subsidy of the dues of members under ERTE during 2021 and 2022.

25th March, 2021

The members attending the Sepla General Assembly yesterday approved the creation of the Covid Emergency Fund (FEC), a fund aimed at maintaining the 50% reduction of Sepla membership fees for members subject to ERTE during 2021 and 2022.

This is one of the most important measures approved yesterday at the General Assembly, as it will help to maintain membership and keep, now more than ever, the standards of service and quality required by the institution, company councils and members.

The Covid Emergency Fund, which will be financed with contributions from the Union Aid Fund (FAS in Spanish), seeks to maintain the principle of solidarity among pilots on which the union is based, so that all members do not see their right to access the services that Sepla provides diminished. In addition, this measure aims to provide economic sustainability to the union by drawing on another fund, the FAS, to which Sepla will have to return all the resources it borrows when this measure expires.

The FEC is undoubtedly an essential measure to allow Sepla members to continue to belong to the union without being forced to resign for financial reasons, so that they can continue to access the economic, legal, social and many other services that Sepla provides to its members.