President´s Letter


Javier Gómez Barrero - SEPLA's President  


Some months ago Ariel Shocrón, Head of the Technical Department, mentioned that they were going to conduct a study about the female pilot presence, not only among our SEPLA members, but with a national and international scope. The AEP (Asociación Española de Pilotos) would be in charge of carrying out the study, relying on SEPLA whenever necessary.

The first batch of data showed that we currently have 200 female members among us, around 3,5% of our affiliates. Although this data is encouraging, for we are over the world average of 3%, we have decided to boost even further the presence of our female colleagues in the world of aviation.

Following this initiative, the Aviadoras project came into being. A colaborative platform within the AEP, Aviadoras is the result of enthusiastic and engaged professionals, who volunteer their time to create a project that may serve as stimulus to change women’s reality within aviation, highlighting equality and good-will. Furthermore, Aviadoras aims to create spaces where female pilots can make their voices heard and encourage young women to take part in this profession. It is our hope to see more and more female pilots in the future, hence why the Aviadoras’ team places such importance in early education.

We have already seen Aviadoras in action: conferences for young audiences, development of the online platform of the project, launch of a newsletter service and social media channels and interviews with professionals in different media outlets. The project will have its first big event on the 1st of October in Cuatro Vientos. All our members will be invited to partake with of and have a first look at this project.



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