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Pedro Salazar
Chief of the Union Section Air Nostrum

He is the union chief representative of Air Nostrum and its affiliates. He has spent 20 years in SEPLA and 32 as a pilot with nearly 20,000 flight hours. He has flown for Swiftair, aerial work and Primair before working for Air Nostrum, where he is currently captain of the CRJ.

Antonio del Cura
Air Nostrum Union Delegate

He has spent 18 years in the world of aviation and as a union member. He has 10,500 flying hours under his belt. He is currently a pilot of Air Nostrum but has also worked in AudeliS.A. He is captain of the CRJ.

Manuel Reyes Moñino Bastida
Air Nostrum Union Delegate

Manuel has been a pilot since 1996 and has since accumulated over 7,500 flight hours. Before working in Air Nostrum he was working for a cargo company.

Adolfo Prieto Martínez
Air Nostrum Union Delegate

Adolfo is a captain in Air Nostrum.

Jorge Vera
Air Nostrum Union Delegate

He has 15,000 flying hours and has been a pilot in Air Nostrum for 13 years.